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Healthy Futures Organic Feed Supply was established in 2020 with one mission: to bring high-quality feed and the best all natural products to Michigan. After my wife was diagnosed with Celiac disease, I started paying more attention to the food we eat and wow, was I shocked by how much our food supply has been messed with.  So when we started raising our own chickens, I sought out a feed that was Organic and Non-GMO.  I was disappointed though at not only the lack of Organic and Non-GMO feeds, but the few that I could find were loaded with soy!  And then I found New Country Organics, and they checked all the boxes.  Only one problem though, there was no one around that carried New Country Organics.  I decided to change that.  Now I'm proud to be bringing New Country Organics product's, EUP Wood bedding, and Chaffhaye to you.  If you're not familiar with Hemp bedding, it's the best bedding out there today.  It's healthier for animals, more absorbent than pine or straw, does a far better job controlling ammonia, and composts much easier.  Don't take my word for it, research it for yourself.  After you do, call me and get on the road to a Healthy Future for you and your animals.

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