Bedding & Odor Control

EUP Wood Shavings

Premium-flake organic wood shavings that are made with a mixture of spruce and balsam.  Great for animals with respiratory issues or skin sensitivity. It does not contain any harsh chemicals or chemical smells which can aggravate sensitive lungs. Dust is minimized by sending the shavings through a double-screened shaker.  Bags contain 2.5 Cu. Ft. compressed and expand to at least 6.0 Cu. Ft.

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Chanvra Hemp Bedding

Hemp bedding is perfect for those sensitive to allergens and dust found in most animal beddings. It's grown without the use of pesticides, making it a safe choice for you, your animals, and the environment. Hemp is very biodegradable and decomposes fast, which also makes for happier composting. It can be used both for deep bedding methods and running bedding methods.  Hemp bedding is also rapidly absorbent - absorbing up to 4x its weight in moisture and helping prevent the pooling or running-off of urine in coops and other shelters. It captures liquids at the base level, leaving the top levels of your bedding clean and dry for your animals. Hemp's incredible absorbency at the base level also helps regulate ammonia in your coop or barn.

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Old Dominion Hemp Bedding 33# Bale

Hemp Bedding is a 5 cu. ft. bale comprised of the chopped stalks of the industrial field crop. Hemp is perfect for those sensitive to allergens and dust found in alternative animal bedding. To optimize absorptive qualities, hemp should be misted with water prior to use. For chicken coops, one bale of hemp will cover an 8’ x 8’ area. For horses, three bales will cover a 12’ x 12’ area. Hemp is very compostable and is great for adding to gardens to overwinter and add more natural nutrition to your soil.

Hemp undergoes a natural oxidation process during the drying period that can result in darkening of the finished product. The coloration can range from tan to dark brown.

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Bedding Buddy 25#

New Country Organics proudly presents a loving companion for your favorite poultry or livestock bedding material: Bedding Buddy! Made from carefully selected, OMRI Listed ingredients, Bedding Buddy absorbs moisture and neutralizes harmful odors in all animal living areas.

Have you ever walked into a barn and been shocked by the odor of animal wastes? That’s the ammonia talking. Ammonia is a byproduct of urea and/or certain manure proteins being broken down by bacteria. It is harmful to your animals’ respiratory tracts, and if we’re being honest, it just stinks! If you can smell it, the ammonia concentration in the air is already high enough to do harm. More importantly, ammonia concentrations are even higher at the ground level, so your animals’ lungs are more impacted by the gases when they are eating from the barn floor or lying down to rest. [learn more]

The release of ammonia gases can be the first thing you smell in an animal living area, but it can also be a silent attacker if your bedding or current deodorizer simply masks the odor itself. That’s why having a powerful neutralizer is important.


Flax Shive Bedding 34# Bag

A natural, vegetable-based bedding made exclusively from the base of the flax plant. This central, wooden-like part of the flax stalk is protected by a hypoallergenic fiber envelope and has a powerful absorption rate (up to 350% of its own weight in moisture!). The particle size of this cloudlike bedding is very practical in stalls, barns, coops, pet areas, and more because it easily sifts through your tools to significantly reduce waste. 

Ideal for horses, poultry, cattle, goats, sheep, llamas and alpacas, and even small animals such as guinea pigs and rabbits! Oh, hey, it also makes great cat litter. 

New Country Organics recommends providing plenty of food and fresh water to your animals at all times to prevent them from snacking on their bedding. As a general rule, don't worry if your animal sneaks a few mouthfuls; this product is of vegetable origin but doesn't have much nutritional value, so most animals may sample it but realize it's of little benefit to them.

This is not a Certified Organic product. Made from Canadian Flax