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Meat Chickens

Order Yours Today!

I will be placing three hatchery orders for the 2022 season.  All orders must be pre-paid.  Straight run orders only.

Cornish Crosses - $1.90/chick

Freedom Rangers - $2.50/chick (25 chick minimum)

Chick Day Dates

May 4 - Orders must be paid by 4/22

July 13 - Orders must be paid by 7/1

September 14 - Orders must be paid by 9/2 

Call to order or click here to buy.  Please remember, there is a 3% fee on all credit card transactions.  Plan accordingly and save yourself the fee.  Chicks must be picked-up no later than 6PM on Chick Day or there will be a $0.15/bird per day late fee to cover feed and water.

Processing and transporting equipment available for rent.