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Treats, Mashes, & Topicals

Beet Treats - Apple or Cinnamon

Low Sugar – No Starch – High Fiber

Super Yummy, they’ll whinny for more! Emerald Valley Beet Treats are the smart choice for every horse. Our healthy horse treats were created with your horse’s dietary needs in mind, including the ‘easy keeper’ and senior horse. Beet Treats are made from the internationally known beet pulp flake, Speedi-Beet and formulated to be 95% sugar free and no starch. You will not find any cereals, grains, artificial colors, preservatives or fillers in these crunchy treats your horse or pony will love. Emerald Valley Beet Treats may be used as a training aid, a reward or as a healthy treat.

Made from Speedi-Beet, a 95% sugar- free micronized sugar beet.

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GEEKYMASH™ with Speedi-Beet:
•  Fenugreek
• 10% NSC
• Flaxseed supplies beneficial Omega 3:6 ratio
• Speedi-Beet and split peas supply good quality protein
• Fenugreek supports healthy gut function
• Celery seed aids condition and healthy digestion


MAHALOMASH™ with Speedi-Beet:

  •  13% NSC

  • Papaya and pineapple, great sources of dietary fiber rich in vitamins and minerals, supports digestion

  • Coconut, terrific fat and fiber source, easily converts into energy

  • Chia seeds support healthy digestion, high in omega 3 fatty acids



SantaMash™ with Fibre-Beet

Made with Cranberries, Coconut and Oats!

  • 12% NSC

  • 100% approval from our taste testers

  • Great bran mash alternative

  • Healthy horse treat for the holidays


SAVVYMASH™ with Speedi-Beet:
• Cinnamon
• 5% NSC
• Smart choice for the ‘easy keeper’
• Flaxseed and sunflower seed supply good quality protein and high levels of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
• A pinch of sea salt complements the salt naturally found in Speedi-Beet



SPOOKYMASH™ with Fibre-Beet:

• Pumpkin and Papaya
• 9.0% NSC
• Chia seeds, high in Omega 3 fatty acids
• Pumpkin seeds, good levels of essential minerals
• Papaya, soluble dietary fiber, rich in vitamins and minerals

SuperMash w/Apple or Carrot

SUPERMASH™ with Fibre-Beet:

Carrot or Apple
• 11.5% NSC
• Flaxseed supplies good quality Omega 3 fatty acids
• Rolled oats are an excellent fiber source
• Carrots, high in antioxidants and vitamins
• Apples, high in fiber

Orange Shampoo.webp

Orange Oil Shampoo

This natural horse shampoo is ph balanced for your equine or canine partner. With a fresh and sweet citrus smell, did you know it is a valuable aid for healthy skin and hair coat? Bitter Orange Oil is a superb ingredient for cleansing, making it a favorite for horses that need to be bathed frequently.

Recommended for:
• soothing and refreshing skin irritations
• bathing, gentle cleaning, rinses easily
• ph balanced
• fresh, sweet and tangy aroma

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Tea tree oil has been used as a traditional medicine for centuries. The tea tree leaves are crushed to extract the oil, which is then applied directly to the skin for healing. Tea tree oil contains a number of compounds, shown to help destroy certain bacteria, viruses and fungi. One compound, Terpinen-4-ol, may increase the activity of white blood cells, which help fight germs and other foreign invaders. These germ-fighting properties make tea tree oil a valued natural remedy for treating bacterial and fungal skin conditions, and promoting healing.

Tea tree oil may help relieve inflamed skin. Skin irritations can occur when skin comes into contact with an allergen, leading to red, itchy skin. Animal and human research suggest that applying tea tree oil may help reduce these symptoms.

Recommended for:

  • luxurious shine

  • healthy skin

  • clean rinsing

Tea Tree Shampoo.webp


The essential oils in Soothex each have their own healing and soothing properties. Tea tree oil has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties; bitter orange for discomfort; calendula with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and magnesium gel with MSM helping support relaxation and well-being, benefiting muscle tension and soreness.

This formula was created with a consistency that easily absorbs into the horse’s skin. Soothex may be useful on horses with rainrot, scratches, insect bites, mane and tail rubs and/or saddle sores. Our canine friends use it to soothe and calm bug and tick bites and minor skin irritations. Soothex supports the return of normal hair growth on the affected area. And just a little bit goes a long way!

Recommended for:

  • Contains organic essential oils

  • Now with Magnesium and MSM

  • Wound care for horses and dogs

  • Recommended for minor skin irritations

  • Promotes healthy skin and tissue

Sheath Cleanse Gel

Emerald Valley Sheath Cleanse Gel is a specially formulated gel for natural cleaning of stallion and gelding sheathes. This new formulation contains organic essential oils including tea tree and neem oil. Sheath Cleanse Gel is soothing and helps promote and maintain healthy skin and tissue. The gel stays where you put it and is easily rinsed.

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